Baryte is being mined continuously since more than 125 years from the Clara Mine in the “Rankach”-valley at Oberwolfach. Fluorite-ore is beeing extracted since more than 45 years.

The treatment into saleable products is accomplished at the processing plant in Wolfach.
Per annum, 100,000 – 130,000 tons of crude ore are extracted by our miners at high technical standards. The highly mechanized underground mine is operating in veins which are known since the middle ages by means of drilling and blasting, recently also by mechanized cutting. The haulage of ore is partly handled by radio controlled LHD-loaders. Drifts are mainly supported by steel fibre shotcrete and roof suspension bolts.The extracted ore is transported directly from underground to the processing  plant in Wolfach by trucks which are loaded via ore passes.

Clara mine is well know by collectors of minerals, as one of the mineral-richest mines in the world. At the minerals (ore)-dump, next to the processing plant, collectors of minerals can safely practise their hobby.